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About The Vine Market & Bistro

Local farm to table. Retail, restaurant, full bar, grocery, catering on/off site, affordable high end, local organic. Serving breakfast, lunch & dinner. We are now pairing specialty martinis, ecclectic wines, and craft micro brews!

The Vine Market & Bistro provides local farm fresh produce, meat, dairy and other fine foods through our partnered farms Food Hub model. 

From our Visitors


‎Rob Brethouwer via our Facebook page

Saturday morning breakfast is a key part of a civilized existence. We rolled into The Vine Market and Bistro yesterday morning like two people on a quest. The first good sign was the "please wait to be seated" sign. This is always a good sign. Then there were the smells. Pastry, bacon, and coffee. In the background there were the sounds of big band jazz flowing from speakers up high. The beginning of a "vibe" was forming. The coffee sort of just appeared as if by magic and it was strong and hot and had absolutely no hint of big tin coffee with its essence of despair. This was the good stuff and the cream that accompanied was also the real deal. Not a container of powdered "creamer" in sight. Cathead biscuits and gravy and the special pulled pork benedict was ordered. The egg on top of the pork was perfectly poached which is a sign that somebody in the kitchen cares. The pork was tender and oh so flavorful. The two small ovals of bread were light, crunchy, and perfectly designed for scooping up the remnants of the feed. A small salad was the perfect side item. Amazing flavors all mingled together. So good that I had to pause, stop chewing, and close my eyes in a moment of gastronomic bliss. The biscuits and gravy was so good and so different. There was heavy and thick taste that often weighs you down until Tuesday. Robyn said "holy crap you have got to try this gravy." Yeah, not much more to be said. The breakfast was incredible on every level.

Montrose has been in need of a great breakfast place FOREVER. The Vine Market and Bistro offers a great atmosphere, sweet tunes in the background, perfect food, and coffee that cares. The "vibe" that is oh so important exists in abundance.


Rob Brethouwer "Part II" via our Facebook page

Breakfast the sequel. Walking into a restaurant on a Saturday there are two expectations. The smell of food and coffee and seeing other people with butts in seats. The front door should be a temporary portal to another place. Another good sign is having to wait a couple of minutes to be seated. There was an immediate acknowledgement by somebody that they would be right with us. A simple gesture that goes along way in the service world. After being seated we are asked “would you like some coffee” and I may very well have replied “oh fuck yes”….I’m not really sure. The coffee shows up and the smell assaults the nostrils with touches of civility and caring. The cream. On sweet little lord baby jesus the cream….so thick that it barely moves in the little silver pitcher. Combining the two makes one want to take a moment and reflect on life.

Food is ordered and quickly comes and is presented like a baby on baptism day. All done up with perfection and placement. Let’s talk just a minute about the chicken and waffles that was placed in front of me like a love offering from the goddesses. The waffle was golden, light, and crispy. The breaded chicken breast on top was simply beautiful. The butter was of a creamy pecan variety and I’m pretty sure that the syrup had a dose of sweet smoky bourbon. The combination was ridiculously fantastic and the chicken was some of the best ever consumed. No joke. One of the best ever and this includes similar offerings in San Francisco, New Orleans, and Paris. You take a bite; you pause with your eyes closed, and let the flavors bounce around your palate.

Saturday morning breakfast out must be an experience. Today’s breakfast was an experience and the second time at the same location. What this means is that the restaurant is being consistent and building on what they have. For the love people, get there and experience things for yourself.


Sarah Jane Guinan via our Facebook page

“Fabulous food EVERY time.. loving that you guys change it up for us sometimes! The scallops are incredible, the market selection of fresh produce is off the charts, and the unique, tasty wine selection is phenomenal as well. Very impressive service, headed up by very professional and courteous managers. Wonderful job Vine family-- wonderful."


Kerri Noonan-Inda via our Facebook page

“Great place owned by great people!! The food selection is fresh, unique and good for you. This is easily one of my favorite businesses in town!